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History of Wedding Traditions

First Dance: In the 17th century, French royalty would hold balls and the guests of honor would begin with the first dance. The first dance of the couple of honor signifies the dance floor opening.
Tin Cans: Items that produced noise would be tied to the back of the carriage of the newlywed's carriage to scare away evil spirits.
Tiered Wedding Cakes: The tradition of tiered wedding cakes began with a wedding game where the bride and groom would try to kiss over cakes that were stacked higher and higher without knocking them down.
Flower Petals: They were originally thrown by flower girls to lead the bride to a sweet future.
Engagement Rings: This tradition began in 1477 when the Roman Emperor Maximilian I gave his fiancée, Mary of Burgandy, a diamond ring for an engagement gift.
Tossing the Bouqet: This tradition began in Engladn. Women used to rip pieces of the bride's dress and adornments to get some of her good luck. To get away from the crowd, she would toss her bouqet and run away.
Unluckiest Day: According to English folklore, Saturday is the unluckiest day to get married. Oddly enough, it is the most popular day now to get married.
17 tons of gold are forged into wedding rings every year in the US.
White Wedding Dress: Before Queen Victoria, brides would wear their best dresses. When the Queen got married, she wore a white dress.
Best Man: Ancient men would capture women to make them brides. The man would take his strongest friend with him to help fight resistance from her family. This friend was then considered the best man among his friends. In Anglo-Saxon England, he accompanied the groom up the aisle to defend the bride.
Bride on the Groom's Left: Because grooms typically had to defend their brides, their sword arm would have to be free.
BRIDESMAIDS: The bridal party is a tradition that has been established for many centuries. For a long time the purpose of the bridal party was to fool evil spirits. The bride's friends dressed similarly to her in order to confuse any virulent presences that might be lurking about.
THE BRIDAL VEIL: The bridal veil has long been a symbol of youth, modesty, and virginity and was used to ward off evil.